SMITE: Agni Update Patch Now Available


Today’s patch for SMITE by Hi-Rez Games revamped the new and improved Hindu God of Fire Agni. Agni now has a brand new model, animations, 2D Art and FXs. Other details in the patch includes player Icons, Updated Arena Maps and more.

General changes for Angi:

  • General
    • Agni’s model, animations, 2D Art, and FX have all been updated.
    • Agni’s passive meter has been updated include a timer indicating how many seconds until your next meteor becomes available.
  • Rain Fire
    • Recovery time reduced from 0.6 to 0.4. Should help higher ping players be able to place Noxious Fumes down in time after using Rain Fire.
    • Fixed an issue where firing multiple meteors would skip animations.


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