Smite Mid-Season Update Thoughts

SMITE MidSeason 3 Update Trailer

The Summer of Smite is in full swing, folks! What does that mean? We’re halfway through the season, halfway to the HiRez Expo! This is going to be a pretty big patch, and while we’re surely cover it on the website at some point, I’m going to talk about the season a little myself. I know I talk about Smite a fair amount, and we stream it over on Bottom Tier frequently, but it’s a game that’s really captured my attention. There are some cool skins to come in this patch, so let’s talk those first. ROCKABILLY BELLONA. OH YES.  MORE LIKE BAELLONA.   I’m ashamed of that too, fear not. But she’s my favorite fighter. Lobster Khepri is fucking adorable.  Some new item stuff is going around too, like the Emperor’s Armor, which can buff/debuff Tower Attack speeds. But if it isn’t an Aura, I don’t care! [Ares main, can’t help it]. Shield of the Underworld is now “Thorns”, and there are a few other really nifty item changes coming.

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There are some balances too, some needed ones to Anubis and Hel. I’m not really as concerned about those, to be totally honest. I’m not even really thinking about the upcoming beautiful arena [but it IS gorgeous]. I do appreciate the updates to the Season Ticket too! Being able to see things in a more clear, neat nature appeals to me on many levels.  While this is great, let’s talk GODS. Gods are getting updates, and right in the middle of the season! New passives for a host of Gods. Some of those Gods I actually play! For example, Aphrodite. Her old passive is moving to kiss, and now she has “Center of Attention”. Oh, how appropriate. The more Gods [enemy and friendly] that are around her, she gains more protections. That works for me, because when I play, I play hyper aggressive, and that will play well into my so-called strategy. The only ones they announced in the video were Odin, Ne Zha and Guan Yu, but they didn’t go into what they did. I’m not mad! I’m just curious.


There’s also a new God! Lu Bu! I mean, Erlang Shen! The resemblance is uncanny. I’m really excited to see what all is in store later today! Make sure you stay tuned because we’re definitely going to have all the detailed patch notes. I’m really excited for this patch, moreso than most. Aphrodite was my first healer, and probably the one I have the most experience with, a new God, and lots of changes. HiRez is shaking things up and I can’t wait to see what’s coming! I’m writing this before the official stream drops, so it’s of course, subject to change. But I’m hyped anyway! I hope you are too!

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