Smite: Patch 3.11 “Expelled from Hel”

Patch Notes for SMITE are now live! Want to know about them? They can be found RIGHT HERE! But, I, Ragachak, am here to talk about it a little bit, because there’s some really cool stuff happening that you should know about!  It’s the least I can do to point them out straightaway! This is a pretty big patch, but there are some specific things rolling out, some buffs/nerfs, and item stuff, so let’s get started straightaway:



  • THAT. CHRION. SKIN. THOUGH. CONSTABLE MOOSEJAW CHIRON: Why is this a thing? Who cares? Chiron’s a fucking Moose now!
  • Hel: Expelled Hel is adorable. And horrifying simultaneously. She’s the title of this patch after all! It stands to reason hers is amazing; and she was my first support.
  • Fancy Anhur: I just love that in the splash art, he’s slapping the absolute shit out of Fenrir with his glove! [Also, Duke Dan-De-Lyons? Damnit guys. . .]

Every skin in this patch is gorgeous and amazing, except Ratatoskr. I hate that little rodent. I DO NOT CARE HOW ADORABLE HE IS.  … Okay, his is really cool too. We also get the Susano Mastery skins, which are fancy. If you don’t want that Chiron skin, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.



  • New achievements for Fafnir, Ah Puch, Fenrir. I only really play Fafnir out of that bunch. None of these look terribly difficult to achieve, but I am glad they’re adding more chievos as time progresses.



  •  The biggest thing in the patch is in this part of the patch. The “Coupon” system is now in its beta/infancy! The idea is that certain things when purchased on the store will trigger a “coupon”. The example they give is the current one: Purchasing Infiltrator Loki, if you don’t have the Voice Pack, will trigger a coupon if you want to use it, for 50% off his Voice Pack. That’s really awesome. But I have questions: What if you unlock something with a code? Will it still trigger? Can you save the coupons? Still, I LOVE this idea.
  • Pop-up notification when you receive a chat/friend notification when Smite isn’t on your main window. I love this. I get a lot of random friend notifications from streaming, and chats that I miss because I have the game minimized. Very useful additions.



LOTS of items changed this time around! A lot of items changed are physical damage items, but not all of them. If you want actual stat updates and explanations, you should click the above link to the full notes. Examples:


  • Bloodforge, Throwing Dagger, Golden Bow, Soul Reaper


  • Demonic Grip, The Executioner, Mark of the Vanguard [also nerfed slightly]



Quite a few changes to Gods this time too! I’ll spare you the details, because again, there’s a list nearby that explains everything that you need to know. But, some really fun things that happened here:

  • Ymir: Frost Bite targets now deal 10% less damage to all targets. Love it.
  • Thanatos: Better scaling for Soul Reap. Because Thanatos doesn’t do ENOUGH damage?
  • Susano: Storm Kata took a beating, but it was probably for the best. Jet Stream was played with a bit.
  • Ratatoskr: Acorn of Yggdrasil was nerfed, and this makes me smile. Love you guys!

All told, this is a lovely patch, with a bunch of stuff going on amid the Viking Invasion. I don’t think anything in particular is out of order or unreasonable here, even though I cheered a great deal seeing Ratatoskr being nerfed, because I will never get over my dislike for that bastard. You should keep your acorns to yourself, fella.  We’ll see you next time on the Battleground of the Gods!

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