SMITE Patch 4.9 DaJi Livestream Recap

Today’s SMITE patch livestream reveals DaJi among other changes. Here’s the short and sweet summary!

Community Issues:

  • Three direct purchasable skins this patch.
  • Compensation for Summer Split Pass due to slow updates on matches. Anyone with the pass is getting 250 free fantasy points.
  • This weekend: Friday and Sunday giving away enigma chests. Saturday has cutsie chest.

Bug and QoL Fixes:

  • Pauses in ranked will have mandatory 3 second delay before it can be cancelled to prevent multiple users from pausing causing it to pause and unpause.
  • Fix for items not proccing passives due to too many slows being applied to a target.
  • Ganesha Ultimate: Not highlighting enemies near corner of ultimate pillars.
  • Player Exp Levels: Decreasing exp required to go from level 1 to 2. Going from 2-3/3-4 is increased.
    • Reason: Make it so that the first wave, whether solo’d or split, will get you to level 2. Hopefully will slow down very early game snowball and bullying. More plans coming at mid-season to further address snowballing.
  • Gold Fury Buff: Increased base health. Decreased Base gold value. Yet another snowballing effect reduction. Early team fight wins were allowing easy gold furies and portal demons that produced further snowball. Later in the game, gold fury will be worth more.

Item Change Highlights:

  • Mark of the Vanguard passive reduction – 1 less damage reduction. Make Poke Great Again.
  • Chronos Pendant Buff – +20 power.
  • Emerald Mail Buff – +50 health.
  • Gauntlet of Thebes Nerf – -50 Health
  • Stone of Fal Buff –  -100 gold cost.
  • Thousand Fold Blade Buff – +5 power.
  • Shifter’s Shield Buff – Power -5. Passive bonus physical power +15. Phys protection -5. Mag protection -5. Passive bonus protections +15.

God Changes:

  • Cernunnos Nerf
    • Shifter of Seasons power scaling on summer heat -10%
    • Bramble Blast cooldown +2s.
  • Chang’e Nerf
    • Moonlit Waltz Cooldown increased late game by 2s.
    • Moonflower Dance cooldown +2.
  • Erlang Shen Buff
    • Base stat buffs. Base Power +1. Attack speed per level +0.2.
  • Guan Yu Buff
    • Warrior’s Will Power Scaling +10%
    • Taolu Assault protection shred +2s late game.
  • Hades Nerf
    • Death from Below +2s cooldown.
    • Shroud of Darkness cooldown -1s.
    • Devour of Souls magical power scaling on detonate heal -5%.
  • Odin Buff
    • Gungnir’s Might second swing now slows. Base damage majorly buffed.
  • Susano Nerf
    • Typhoon reduced strength from 115 to 88. Movement speed penalty -30%. Players can now escape if they react.

DaJi Reveal:

  • Lore: Emperor visits temple to NuWa. Expresses his love for NuWa by graffiting sexual content on her temple. So NuWa finds an ancient immortal fox spirit to gain vengeance. She possesses a human to seduce the emperor as vengeance. She works her way into his concubine collection and wins over the emperor as her own. They party it on while she begins to torture the people of the kingdom to learn about humans and increase her knowledge. She becomes obsessed with this and forgets about NuWa. In the end the empire crumbles, a huge war breaks out, and NuWa ironically gets her revenge anyway.
  • Art Focus: Do we really need 9 tails? How can we do this?! It wasn’t easy. Also had to capture a mix of seductress and torturer. She has 9 tails permanently was final decision.
  • Assassin Class.
  • KIT:
    • Passive: Torture Blades – Basic attacks apply a bleed to target which ticks twice. Base component and scaling component that stacks.
    • Horrible Burns: Resets attack chain. Adds burst damage and adds three ticks of damage over three seconds. Even with max CDR, can only apply one stack at a time.
    • One Thousand Cuts: 2 second animation attacking four times, applying bleed on all four hits. Cleanses of slows and makes her move faster. All enemies behind her deal less damage to her (tails protection).
    • Trickster Spirit: Leap to a friend or an ally. Can’t leap without a target. Deals damage to enemies when you arrive. Has a set-up charge that allows you to interrupt it in mid-cast, but will not consume her cooldown if interrupted. Can hit multiple enemies if close enough (very small AOE).
    • Paolao: Rises on her burning copper pillar and can fire three shots ala Rama. Short stun and heavy damage over time that then pulls enemies into the Paolao when hit. If you beads the chains early, it breaks the chains immediately. Pull doesn’t happen until she ends move.


You can find the full patch notes here.


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