Smite Q&A with Lydia of Paragon/HiRez Todesberg!

This weekend, myself and Colton of Bottom Tier, had the opportunity to do a Q&A session with the owner of Paradigm, Lydia! We played some Arena in Smite and asked her some questions, as did our audience, which were super kind. We even had some unexpected guests! Pardigm’s attorney, their video editor, and the biggest surprise of all, HiRez Todesberg! He’s the Germany Community Manager over in HiRez EU and it was an absolute pleasure to work with all of them! We had a lot of fun, the stream had fun, and we even gave away some skins! We asked all of the hardest hitting questions and made some sick plays and we want you, the Smite fans to take a watch! This won’t be the last time we have special guests on the stream either. We want to hear from you guys! And if we can make it happen, you can bet your ass we will! Our guests were amazing and we were incredibly fortunate to have them on! Lydia was a gem and Todesberg offered some real interesting insight on national skins and just about life in general! And without further ado:

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