SMITE Season 3.12 Patch Overview and Gallery

The Smite Season 3.12 Patch has been revealed today via the patch notes stream, and this time it’s a heavy read. Patch 3.12 will bring Smite’s first Midseason style patch with major god changes, new passives and relics, and the new god Erlang Shen – not to mention the Summer of SMITE event.

SMITE Season 3.12 Patch Overview and Gallery

Summer of Smite Event

Prepare for some crazy and cool skins to keep the battlefields seasonal this summer. This year’s skins include Rock-a-bellona (Week 1) and Chef’s Special Khepri (Week 2).


Unlocks will earn chest rewards including (as labelled on stream) Land Shark, Challenger, Pool Party, Floaticorn, Get Served, and the Olympian Theme. The first bonus reward coming is a new loading frame, Tropical Paradise.

UI Update

The patch will also include a few quality of life changes for the user interface. Updated UI elements include the Auto Skill and Auto Buy, making it clearer to see when you are in these modes, and making it easier to identify Starter items (similar to Relics and Consumables changes previously).


SMITE Emperors Armor

Midseason Meta Shift

The midseason patch notes will be focused on relics, items, and god balancing.


SMITE Relic Thorns


Here’s some of the changes to current relics and new relics added.

  • Thorns (previously Shield of the Underworld): Reduces 40% of damage you take back to the owner as magic damage. No longer prevents life steal. New more obvious animation. 120s Cooldown.
  • Phantom: 100% reduction to attack movement penalty, and no minion/god/player wall body blocking.
  • Blink: Time out of combat delay reduced from 5 to 3s.
  • Curse: Healing reduction reduced from 65% to 50%.
  • Frenzy: Now applies 20% attack speed increase for duration.
  • Scout: Revealing enemy wards gains 25 gold per ward revealed. Cooldown reduced from 140s-120s.
  • Sprint: Duration reduced from 6-5s. Cooldown up from 140-150s.
  • Sunder: Protection Reduction increase from 25%-30%. Also applies 30% attack speed reduction to the target.
  • Teleport: Channel time up from 3 to 4s.
  • Wrath: Major changes. Now stuns nearby enemy gods for 1s. Increase damage to jungle bosses from 1000-1250. Cooldown increased from 60-90s.



  • Ritual Dagger – New jack of all trades item. Health, cooldown, attack speed, movement speed, and increases effects of relic whenever you use a relic.
  • Emperor’s Armor – Health and physical protection. Passive – increases attack speed of your tower or decreases enemy tower speed when you are present (55m). Can counteract each other.
  • Adventurer’s Blade – No more crowd control reduction. Movement speed buffed from 7-10%.
  • Ancile – Complete rework. Magic Prot from 40-60. Passive – When you take magical damage from an enemy ability, you silence all enemies within a range of 20 units for 1s. Triggers once every 60s.
  • Bancrofts Talon – Passive: 100 Power from this item’s passive will now be gained when at 25% hp. Because how often do you survive at 1% health?

Hunter Changes

Speaking of item changes – the Golden Bow and Throwing Dagger are being removed! The Hi-Rez balance team just gave up fixing these meta-breaking items. It made late game hunters too good early game to match the overall goal of season 3 team compositions. Instead Hunters should have their eyes on these items:

  • Heart Seeker – Passive: Hitting an enemy with basic attack gains you focus. +3 attack speed per stack (max 5). At full stacks, your next ability cast consumes the stacks to provide an additional 40 phys power buff for 3s.
  • Runeforged Hammer – Passive (aura) enemies within 20 units of you are slowed and take 10% more damage from all sources. Amaterasu snagging 40% damage aura when her passive activates X_X.
  • Genji’s Guard – Updated visual FX when triggered.
  • Spectral Armor – Passive: When you activate a relic your cooldowns are reduced by 3s, occurs once every 30 seconds. No longer lets you pass through body blocking.


SMITE New Odin Passive

God Changes

Naturally any midseason update is going to feature some changes to god abilities and balance. Here’s what’s on the list:

Ah Muzen Cab

  • Basic Attacks offset distance has been reduced. (less left handed)
  • Honey’s Damage upped to help him clear, primarily early game.


  • More crowd control focused. Movement speed increased by 10.
  • Mummify cooldown reduced by roughly 2 per level.
  • Death Gaze Radius (width of laser) increased from 1.25 to 1.75.

Ao Kuang

  • Wild Storm Damage decreased.


  • Web now fires as a projectile rather than trap. She’s immune to slows and moves faster on web. If web reaches max range, web trap will spawn. If it hits wall, it spawns against the wall.


  • Passive: Center of Attention – gains 4 phys and 4 magical protection for each friendly and enemy god within 70 units of her. Stacks up to 9 times (aka all players, not counting clones). Also acts as a scout by indicating a player has entered your 80 unit radius. Old passive added to kiss, modified to provide flat 30% mana regeneration.


  • Moonflower Dance healing portion scaling up from 30-40%.


  • Cursed Strength – Stun Increased to 1.5s at all ranks. Damage over time in dragon form starts immediately instead of 1s delay.
  • Dragonic Corruption – Damage Buffed

Guan Yu

  • New Passive: Painless. When Guayn Yu takes or deals damage, he gains stacks. Max stacks now 30. Lowers his entire healing by buffing his offensive attacks instead. He lights on fire when his stacks are full.
  • Taolu Assault protection steal boosted by painless.
  • Cavalry Charge: Slow increased.
  • Ult: When boosted, 2 second stun.


  • Stance Attunement – Decrease time to fully charge stance from 5-3s.
  • Hinder – Increased Slow.
  • Inspire – Scaling increased from 30-40%. Movement speed buff increased to 25% at all ranks.

Ne Zha

  • Righteous Spear Passive: Ne Zha gains stacks from a basic attack and ability hit. 2x stacks from crits. Each stack provides him with 0.5% crit chance. Stacks lost after being out of combat for 5s.
  • Flaming Spear: Now heals up to 15% of ne zha’s max hp depending on how many stacks you have (0.75% hp per stack).


  • Passive Path to Valhalla: Whenever any god dies on the battleground, odin gains a 10% movement speed and 10% power buff for 10s. This buff can stack up to five times.
  • Ring of Spears – Odin gains permanent stacks of +5 attack power for each enemy god that dies in the ring.


  • Removed magical protection scaling on base stats.


  • Reduced hp per level by 2.
  • Acorn Blast – Damage reduced by 10.


  • Verdant Growth seed only takes 5s to grow instead of 12. MP 5 increased to 20 at all ranks.


  • Passive: Master Craftsman – Whenever he hits an enemy god with an ability, he gains 15 mp5 and 15% movement speed for 5s.



New God – Erlang Shen

Finally it’s time to welcome another new god to the Chinese pantheon – Erlang Shen! A heavenly warrior and demi-god, Erlang Shen brings a dog with him to the battlefield (that can do “dog things” according to the team.) This god is a master of transformations

Erlang Shen – Has a dog. He’s a heavenly warrior. Demi-God. Discovers dragon is causing trouble with irrigation. Makes dragon his guard. Fights Sun Wukong. They have each other’s transformation.


Passive: Howling Celestial Dog

Each time Erlang Shen hits an enemy with a Basic Attack, his dog hits as well for 15% of his Basic Attack power, which trigger items for Basic Attacks at 15% of their normal damage and can Critical Hit.



Spot Weakness

Erlang Shen opens his third eye and analyzes the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. When activated, Erlang Shen gains additional Physical Damage (+25/40/55/70/85 + 15% of your Physical Power) on each strike, and ignores Basic Attack movement penalties for the duration for 5 seconds. While on Cooldown, successful Basic Attacks reduce the Cooldown of this ability. Cost : 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown 14s.




Erlang Shen launches a spear that damages enemies (85/130/175/220/265 + 45% of your Physical Power) on impact. Enemies in the dead center of the effect when it lands are Crippled and Rooted in place for 1.15/1.3/1.45/1.6/1.75 seconds. Cost: 50/55/60/65/70. Cooldown: 12s.



72 Transformations

Erlang Shen transforms into an Mink or Turtle and charges forward. Cost: 65/70/75/80/85. Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14s.

  • Mink: Damages all enemies (90/150/210/270/330 + 85% of your Physical Power), stopping on first god hit and increasing Attack Speed (+15/20/25/30/35%) for 6s.
  • Turtle: Knocks up all enemies in path dealing damage (75/125/175/225/275 +40% of your Physical Power) and gains a health shield (70/110/145/180/215) for 12s.



Ultimate : Nine Turns Blessing

Erlang Shen Taunts nearby Enemy gods, gaining Damage Mitigation (10/11.25/12.5/13.75/15%) for the next 4s. Afterwards, if Erlang Shen is still alive he is healed for a flat amount (150/240/330/420/510) plus 20% of his Maximum Health. Cost: 80/85/90/95/100. Cooldown: 85s.


Read the full patch notes here!


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