Soldier Front: big update

NHN USA, a leading online interactive entertainment publisher, unveiled the much anticipated upgrade to its extremely popular free-to-play first person shooter (FPS) game, Soldier Front, available on the portal. The upgraded version features a new in-your-face action game mode, Capture the Captain, and an intense new assault character, Force Recon.

“Anyone with a fast trigger finger looking for intense online gaming action will love jumping in to Soldier Front,” said Philip Yun, CEO, NHN USA. “With the Capture the Captain game mode and Force Recon character,’s updated Soldier Front is sure to excite any hardcore FPS player checking out the game for the first time or who dives into the game every day.”

Capture the Captain is the long awaited new game mode where each team seeks to eliminate the other’s Captain in a heinous battle. But taking down the enemy is by no means an easy task – each team’s Captain has increased health points to 1,000 HP.
The new assault character, Force Recon, is based on the United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance units that are the elite of the Marines’ Special Operations warriors. In Soldier Front, they operate deep behind enemy lines to convey detailed military intelligence that is vital to the team’s success. They are capable of operating independently in both amphibious and ground operations, and are experts in unconventional warfare strategies.
Soldier Front is an action-packed FPS game that implements distinct task force strategies found in today’s modern combat.

Incorporating comprehensive research from military personnel, Soldier Front was developed to represent a soldier’s actual experience, providing players with realistic and unique game play. Users get to choose their character from the world’s elite task force teams, such as the SAS, Delta Force and Spetsnaz.

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