Some Helps for Zu Players

Since the Zu Online Open Beta Test started, the number of online players has been increasing continuously. Although all players are passionate and excited, most of them, who haven’t taken part in the Alpha Test, may be not familiar with the game control. Today the Zu team is going to talk about how to enter the game and how to get help in the game.

First, download the Open Beta Client on the official Zu online site. . Beginners can refer to for more details.

Secondly, the Zu team suggests that players should check out the in-game Help System before playing the game, which may benefit them a lot. Besides, they can also check out the Help System on the official Zu Online site.

Lastly, if players still have other problems, please ask a GM for help through livechat. Players’ suggestions for are highly welcomed, as well.

In addition, Zu is holding a variety of Christmas Events right now. Everyone is welcome to join!

For more info visit the official Zu Online site:
Official forum:

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