Soul of the Ultimate Nation coming to North America

Mighty dragons and formidable guilds will soon descend on, the premier online destination for hardcore gamers. has secured the rights to publish the epic fantasy massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) Soul of the Ultimate Nation in North America. In Soul of the Ultimate Nation, players align themselves with one of two warring dynasties, form a party among thousands of other gamers and embark on an epic battle to bring much needed peace to their respective kingdoms. 
“Soul of the Ultimate Nation is a fast-combat MMO with a powerful storyline and incredible fantasy elements that will make a perfect addition to,” said Philip Yun, CEO, NHN USA, which hosts “Not only does Soul of the Ultimate Nation bring a new facet of hardcore gaming to the portal, the epic game further reinforces’s mission to elevate the level of game play experiences offered by an online portal.”
Soul of the Ultimate Nation is a fantasy MMORPG set in a world ravaged by thousands of years of war.  After the crumble of seven kingdoms brought on the rise of two opposing dynasties, an uneasy peace was established.  But due to the backhanded dealings and intimate secrets of the royal families, rumblings of revenge begin to resurface.  Players will be drawn into the fast-paced game play, riveting cinematic graphics and complex plot of Soul of the Ultimate Nation, where they will battle the opposing nation in a heroic quest for freedom.
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