Soul Order Online Events Experiences

Soul Order Online Events Experiences

Soul Order Online has started its Open Beta Test for nearly two weeks. There are three types of events: “GM Event”, “Calendar Event” and “Community Event”. Every day, kinds of varied events will be hold in these three types. Let’s review some screenshots of PK type events at first:


“GM Protection” Event:
GMs from Glory Land and Dark Land will go out for an important mission, but they have a risk to be attacked by their opponent realm. Players from corresponding realms come to protect their GM! If Glory Land GM has been killed, all the players of Dark Land will get rewards, vice versa. The rewards will be: Loudspeaker x 5 (used to speak in world chat channel), Miracle Potion and Stand-in Baby (used to revival without any punishment).


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Provider: Keiko
Comment: Get together to prepare for the “GM Protection” event!


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Provider: MeCrazy
Comment: GM Protection in Glory Land – look at the fierce brother battle tigers!

“PK BOSS” Event:
BOSS launch attack and they appear near the Main City! Heroes get together to wipe them out and get the loots!


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Provider: LilyFlower
Comment: BOSS appear in Dark Land!


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Provider: RenaBard
Comment: PK Junior Space Track BOSS in Glory Land!


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Provider: LilyFlower
Comment: A skill casts out a fire ball!


“Gift Give Out” Events:
“GM Free Gifts” is an event that GM chooses a player randomly and gives him/her an item as present. The gifts include Iron Horseshoe (used in mount enhancement), Original Guardian Stone (level 1-30), Original Earth Stone (used in equipment enhancement), Stand-in Baby (revival without any punishment), Blue Identify Gem and Miracle Potion. These gifts are all good in use! If you haven’t got one during this event, another event “GM Stall” will offer you more chances to get the attractive items with low price!


“S-Point Auction” Event:
GM will put 50 S-Points in Auction with low price at one time. GM will hold 20 times auction like this within 30 minutes. This event is a popular event, and sometimes the bid price will increase from 1 silver to several gold.


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“Question & Answer”
During this concentrative time period, GMs will answer players’ questions online.


The above events are all “GM Event”, if you missed them, there are also “Community Events” and “Calendar Events” for you to participate! On November 3rd, a one-week long event “Character Levelup Race” came to an end, and there are six “1st Prize” winners, seven “2nd Prize” winners and sixteen “Outstanding Prize” winners.


They have got the following prize:


1st Prize Rewards

Ice Elephant (X 1, bound) + Golden Horseshoe (X 2, bound) + 800 S-Points

2nd Prize Rewards
Blaze Kitty (X 1, bound) + Pet Food (X30, bound) + 500 S-Points
Outstanding Prize Rewards
A weapon of Blue quality (level 45, bound) according to winners’ class


“Calendar Events”
The following Calendar Events almost be hold every day:
“Mystic Principle”, “Sky Treasure”, “Evildom Exploration”, “Mystic Altar Order” and “Massacre”.
Check the events’ schedule in game!


Recommend you two new events:
“Double Drop Rate for Weekend”
Drop Rate boosts by two times during weekend. In this weekend, this event will be hold for the first time, and players will enjoy a particular long drop rate bonus: 20:00(Nov. 5th) ~ 2:00(Nov. 8th) PST, equal to 4:00(Nov. 6th) ~ 10:00(Nov. 8th) GMT.


“Recommendation System”
Inviting your friend to play Soul Order Online together, and both you and your friend will get reward! The Inviter’s reward will be FREE SP (Use it to buy items in in-game shop), and the invitee’s will get: Advanced Blessing Pill (Use it to get extra 50% experience, lasts 1 hour) when he/she reaches level 20.

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