Spa-like Socialization Area Added in Mabinogi

Spa-like Socialization Area Added in Mabinogi


Nexon America today released the latest content upgrade for its fantasy MMORPG, Mabinogi . The new content adds a new socialization area called, “Zardine Hot Springs.”   The springs’ pools provide character buffs and spa-treatment for players seeking temporary escape from their war-torn world.  This update is currently live and free for all players.

The Zardine Hot Springs allows players to hang out with friends or sit in various springs that can have different effects on their characters. For example, sitting in a “slimming spring” will cause the character to alter their body type.  In addition to being a new socialization area, the springs are home to friendly monkeys who give special items in exchange for food.
 “This content completes the Dragon update, and adds some fun new elements to the game,” said Chang Kyu Kim, Mabinogi’s North American producer. “While the Dragon update brought war to the game, the springs add a little peace and quiet. We think that our players will enjoy a bit of relaxation from battle at the same time having their characters buffed and pampered.”

The Zardine Hot Springs update will also provide new skills and abilities to all players including a long-awaited update for the Giants. All races will be able to use the new “Mana Sheild” which provides protection from all damage and lasts until cancelled.  Elves will benefit from the new “Final Shot” skill that allows them to teleport and attack at a faster rate. Finally, Giants will receive the new “Wind Guard” and “Taunt” skills. Wind Guard is a defensive and offensive skill, while Taunt prompts monsters to attack.
Players will also be able to customize their characters with several new items, including helmets, armor, shields, and weapons.  Special to female giants, there will also be six new eye styles to customize their facial design.
Additionally, this update brings a new mini game where players guard eggs on an island from monsters and will be rewarded based on how well they do their job.  The goal is to keep the eggs from being destroyed by the monsters and if successful, they reap various benefits.  Those looking for more of a challenge can take on the new field boss, the “Sulfur Golem,” who can be found in the sulfur flats. 
For more information on the free-to-play game, Mabinogi, and the new update, visit the Mabinogi Website.

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