SpeedRunners Launch Date Announced

SpeedRunners Launch Date Announced

tinyBuild Games and DoubleDutch Games are today announcing that SpeedRunners, their hit multiplayer platform racing game, has sold more than 1 million units on Steam, and will fully launch on April 19 with tons of brand new features.

tinyBuild has compiled a detailed breakdown of exactly how the game reached 1 million copies sold, including how piracy and bundles helped boost the game up the sales charts in its early days.

Yes, tinyBuild gave away over $2m worth of SpeedRunners copies during Early Access and it only benefited the game.

SpeedRunners Launch Date Announced

On April 19, the following features will be injected into SpeedRunners to celebrate the launch:

  • A huge Mario Kart-style single player campaign, with cups to beat and rivalries to manifest
  • The Trail Shop, where players can purchase and sell special trails for their characters, in the same vein as what Valve has been doing with Counter Strike and DOTA 2
  • A Twitch betting system, through which streamers can more heavily involve their players, who in turn will be able to directly affect the game with modifiers
  • A new animated opening cinematic, new UI features, and Mac/Linux/SteamOS support

The full details of the launch can be found in this blog post on the tinyBuild website.

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