Splash Fighters: Santa’s Treasure Box Released

Splash Fighters: Santa’s Treasure Box Released


Last Major Release Includes Most Wanted Accessory Beryl Claws
CyberStep Communications Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Santa’s Treasure Box periodically from December 24th until January 14th .
Santa’s Treasure Box will be a treasure box containing many of the past rare accessories which was contained in RM Draw, and also permanent version of the Santa accessories, and the new 2 accessories which has fabulous outlook; Beryl Claws and Saber Tiger Nunchaks. Although it includes gorgeous prizes, the treasure box itself will be sold just by 499 B, which should be a total discount for the accessory that is inside.

Beryl CLaws


Tiger Nunchaku


This will be a limited time offer for 2 weeks, and Management Teams hopes all players can get a chance to hold of the new accessories that should give the biggest joy this year.
1. Two New Accessories for Shop Release
Fancy Snowman Costume (Except for Android, Swordmaster )
This cute snowman costome is the third version
of the puppet series. It has high resistance to
cold and wearers can summon snow as a potent weapon.
Price: 549 B

Fancy Snowman Costume



Cookie and Biscuit ( Except for Android )
“Cookie” the mouse and “Biscuit” the cat.
With these two stuffed animals,
you can be a puppeteer!?
Price: 399 B

Cookie and Biscuit



2. “Santa’s House” released for a limited time
This house, located on the slopes of Mt.Somewheresomesome, was built by the Santa Close—huge fans of Santa Clause. Fed up with all the presents they demand of him year after year, Santa has a special surprise in store for them this Christmas!

Santa's House



The Splash Fighters management team hopes this variety of addition adds more joy and excitement for playing the fascinating and exciting online action game, SplashFighters.



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