Star Supremacy Launches into Facebook to Start 2012

Star Supremacy launches into Facebook to start 2012


Star Supremacy


After weeks of hard work, Barbily is proud to announce the launch of the facebook version of their sci-fi MMORTS, Star Supremacy. The Facebook version of the game will allow Facebook users to login and play the game using their own facebook account.



“Facebook is the platform for many social game publishers. It serves as the venue where millions of users login to play games on a daily basis. Launching Star Supremacy as a facebook game will allow us to not only expose our brand and product to the facebook community but to also help us with improving our game and driving traffic. We are very excited to make our debut into the facebook community. We anticipate much success. We encourage users to take a break from other RTS games and come play our game. What makes us different from CityVille, FarmVille, CastleVille, or even Empires & Allies is that we are a sci-fi RTS game. ” says Thomas Watson, Public Relations Manager for Barbily, who was in charge of overseeing all operations for the launch. “We’ve read a lot of feedback from players both inside and outside our forums. Players expect a lot from a browser-based RTS. I am proud to say that our developers are working very fast and very hard to bring out new features and big fixes on a weekly basis.”



The Star Supremacy team has prepared some events for players to celebrate the launch.


There will be three GMs in the game. Each of them has two non-initial colonies on the non-initial planets (3 GMs x 2 colonies each = 6 colonies in total). Their colonies are filled with massive resources. You can assault these colonies. Please do not set up trade route on these colonies or obliterate these colonies. Doing so will cause GMs to revenge! The coordinates of the six colonies will be announced on Star Supremacy’s official Facebook Page. After the announcement, the GMs will refill their colonies every 24 hours as well as every week and re-announce them. The first two attackers of each colony will get three rare resource cards (three different types). Each player can only get the rare resource cards once after one announcement. It does not matter how many colonies a player attacks. Each player will be rewarded once after that has attacked a GM colony. 12 winners per week will be rewarded.



Reminder: When the Likes on Star Supremacy Facebook page reaches 500, 1000, everyone of Star Supremacy will receive gifts. What is more, when the page reaches 30,000 likes, 3 randomly selected players will win a gaming headset—Ear Force X11 Amplified Stereo Headset with Chat!

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