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Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. and Cryptic Studios announced the sixth anniversary for Star Trek Online. As a way of thanking players for their continued support over the last six years, this milestone will be commemorated with server-wide giveaways and the return of the ever-popular Anniversary Event from January 28 to February 24. In-game festivities include a brand-new episode titled “Time and Tide,” plus the return of Omega Molecule Stabilization, a series of mini-games players can participate in to earn item upgrades and an all-new Tier 6 Krenim Science Vessel.

From January 26 – February 1, players can log into Star Trek Online to participate in the Anniversary C-Store Giveaways. During this event period, Captains will be able to collect free rewards from the in-game store every 24 hours. Giveaway items will be revealed on the Star Trek Online blog:

The Anniversary Event takes place from January 28 – February 24 and invites Star Trek Online Captains to meet Q at the Earth Space Dock and First City to participate in a series of in-game missions and events for rewards. This includes the all-new episode, “Time and Tide,” where players will uncover a plot that will lead them to the signing of the Temporal Accords, hundreds of years in the future.

During the Omega Molecule Stabilization, players can collect Omega particles that Q has scattered across the galaxy. These molecules can be stabilized to earn Sixth Anniversary Prize Vouchers by playing mini-games in three different social zones throughout the game. Those who collect 1,000 vouchers during the Anniversary Event period can use them to obtain a Tier 6 Krenim Science Vessel.

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  • CaptainFabulous

    Yay! More carrot-on-a-stick grinding of doing the same BS mission over and over and over again for weeks, all for a crappy ship no one will ever use after getting the trait. And I can’t wait for all the fun and excitement of the crappy giveaways! It’ll be like Oprah! Everyone gets a free tribble, a free shuttle you’ll never use, a DOFF pack (good for only one character, cause Heaven forbid we give them to your entire roster), a tier 2 or 3 ship you’ll never use, a mini costume pack you either already have or will never use, a red matter capacitor (again, only 1 per account, so choose carefully!), and finally, as a huge thanks for sticking with this turd of a game for 6 years, another free tribble! YAAAAAAAY!

    Now don’t forget, all those Qmendations you collected last year with the hope of using to get the new ship this year without having to grind it out are no good, but they’ll gladly let you trade them in for fun stuff like useless ship emotes! What fun! Cause that’s how much they value us players — by throwing away all our previous grind work and giving us a set of worthless trinkets instead.

    Yes, I do think this year I will be sitting this event out. And likely the next one. And probably the one after that. Maybe once Cryptic stops making me work for subpar ships and gear I’ll come back. But let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.

    In the meantime I’ll be over playing Marvel Heroes or GW2 where I get something free every day for just logging in, and getting actually useful free stuff during events that I don’t have to work for 2-3 weeks to get.