Star Wars: Old Republic Sith Class Shown

While LucasArts showed us its upcoming MMO, The Old Republic, we were shown a brand-new character class – the Sith warrior.
Before you geek out on us, a few facts: Sith warriors have all the usual close and ranged attacks, though they’re most potent close up. They can also level up their moves, such as Force lightning and choke.
We were also shown a new planet – Korriban – last seen as the home of the Sith Academy in KOTOR, and we also found out a few more tidbits: the game is the first of its kind with a action-style cover system, you can play as good or bad/Republic class or Empire class and there’s 100s of hours of gameplay for each, making The Old Republic like KOTOR III, IV and V all rolled into one.
There’s also a light and dark XP system like KOTOR – and visually the game looks immense.
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Star Wars Old Republic

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