Steam Summer Sale: What am I after?


For those of you who do not play games on PC at all, first of all: Shame on you! Fie! Shame! And second, the best gaming sales of the year happen on Steam. Unless you’re using one of those third party key sites, but we don’t want to talk about that today. Today we’re talking about the Steam Summer Sale! They’re doing things a little different this year. There are no “daily” sales to wait for and be surprised by! Instead, the sales are up until July 4th, which is also nice! There aren’t always a lot of things I’m interested in on the sale. A handful of games at best. But I’m gonna take a nice long look at it and figure out what I want and why!

One of the really interesting things I think, is that Steam Hardware is on sale! The Link and Controller are on sale, and I think that’s really quite lovely. Along with this, some honorable mentions: Some of the F2P games have sales too. Examples being the Marvel 2016 game, which has the Captain America: Civil War pack on sale for 90% off [2.49]! It comes with Iron Man and Cap, skins for both, stashes for both, and some exp boosts! Not useful for me except for the skins. Heroes and Generals, Dungeon Defenders II, and some others have cool packs on sale for those of you who love F2P but want the cool stuff cheaper. Definitely a bonus there for you guys.  Robocraft, Brawlhalla, lots of F2P games on there for you!

But my favorite game to be on sale? In all sincerity, it’s a toss up between Stardew Valley [11.99], the Lego Games [30-75% off~], Tales of Zestria [19.99], Dragonball Xenoverse [Even if I already have it, 12.49].  These are my absolute favorites.  There are some of my favorites. There are some other honorable mentions, like the CoD franchise. I don’t really play these much, but if I have friends who do I can be compelled? Undertale’s on the list, but I already own this, thanks to someone on the stream gifting it to me! This is one of the better sales in my opinion, but I do miss the Flash Sales. Those were so much fun, except when they were bollocks. Also! Tons of Final Fantasy games are on sale! I have a lot of these, but not all of them! On average, 50% off a pop. Most of the sales are definitely strong.  So I’d like to take this time to say, those are the titles I’m mostly likely to pick from what I’ve seen. What about you guys? What are you hyped for on the sale? Anything? Nothing? Let’s hear some recommendations!

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  • Jaime Skelton

    I’m actually really glad they did away with the daily sales again this year (they experimented with that last year). There was too much strain on Steam’s servers and too much waiting around until the last day to make sure you got the best deal on a game.

    There’s a lot of good all around deals as usual (Fallout 4 is $30) though I didn’t see any deals that screamed YOU SHOULD GET THIS NOW HOSHI. I ended up getting suckered by the Euro Truck Sim 2 Deluxe Bundle ( which is a pretty great deal – EUTS2, almost all DLC (minus a couple cosmetic ones), plus the original EUTS and several other driving sim games for only $15. I know, it’s a title I scoffed at for a long time too, but several game critics had me rethink my skepticism. And sure enough, I stayed up late playing it.

    • Ragachak

      Isn’t that normally like.. a million dollars with DLC? I did, and didn’t like the daily sales they did last time. But that sounds good! And yeah, Fallout for 30 bucks? That’s a no brainer. I WILL be getting Stardew Valley finally though. That game looks so amazing.

      • Jaime Skelton

        As we discussed, you’re thinking of Train Sim. Euro Truck Sim 2 is actually more modest than the Sims, lol.

        Also… SERIOUSLY. Finish Undertale and play Stardew. PLAY STARDEW. (I need to go back and actually ‘finish’ that game sometime too.)

        • Ragachak

          I WILL. >.> It’s absolutely on my to-do list. After I work on MasterxMaster, Star Ocean, Lawbreakers, and whateverthehellelse I’m working on, I”ll have some time to play games for fun again.

  • Matt Blaylock

    By the by, Best Buy currently has a Buy one, get one 20% off Steam Card promotion. Which allows you to do the double-dip thing on this sale.

    • Ragachak

      Excellent product placement, Matt. I’m proud of you.