Stronghold Kingdoms: Labor Day Update Now Live

Stronghold Kingdoms

Firefly Studios has opened a new game world for their growing castle MMO Stronghold Kingdoms, accurately based on the present day map of North America. Since launch more than 3 million players have signed up to Stronghold Kingdoms, with hundreds of thousands online every month. It also remains one of the most actively played games on Steam.

With 11 unique maps based on the real world geography of more than 40 countries within Europe and the Americas, Stronghold Kingdoms allows players to expand their virtual empire in a familiar environment and build their online castle close to home. The USA game world adds a new map based on North America, one of the largest maps across which players can fight over land.

The addition of a new USA server allows both new and experienced players to settle in a yet unpopulated world and take control of 11 different kingdoms, stretching from the shores of Pennsylvania to the grand Sierra Nevada. As one of the most popular free-to-play games on Steam, Stronghold Kingdoms is continuously expanding with new game worlds, providing safe and unclaimed environments for new players. In addition to adding new game worlds the Kingdoms team releases new gameplay content monthly in the form of community-driven updates, inviting players to shape the future direction of the game as it evolves.

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