Successful server test for Runes of Magic

Beta servers worked flawlessly with scores of players online

The Runes of Magic test servers have worked flawlessly during the stress test at the end of the closed beta phase 2. In spite of up to 1,600 players in the starting town called “Pioneers Colony”, the beta servers experienced no problems. Neither processor nor RAM were close to being used to capacity, so Runes of Magic should theoretically be able to accommodate more than 3,000 players in one zone. Even with the Halloween event on Saturday and despite reduced hardware, the server didn’t get any problems. Around 1,000 players participated in this first big in-game event in the free game world. Frogster thanked their beta testers explicitly for their disciplined help in a letter to the community, which you can find in our beta forum.

Thanks to the stable network code of developer Runewaker, the current server configuration can handle far more players than expected. Because of this, nothing technically will stand in the way of the planned large scale PVP and guild battles, in-game events and server-vs. server-vs.-server-wars with the participation of three server communities. After the successful stress test, Frogster started with the closed beta phase 3 on Nov. 3rd according to schedule. To allow for a test of the remaining untested regions, the publisher has mirrored the server with the most characters to a new beta server. The open beta for Runes of Magic will start in the course of December.

At the moment, the Berlin based publisher plans only one last character wipe. This wipe will be implemented close to the start of the open beta, so that all players will start on equal terms. All interested players can start to level their characters during the open beta and take them over into the release version. At the moment, the Runes of Magic team is working on a comprehensive localization of the game, because the developer Runewaker has doubled the quest content to more than 1,000 quests at the start of the game.

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