SUN Global Updates PVP System

SUN Global Updates PVP System


Soul of the Ultimate Nation (S.U.N) published by WEBZEN announced update plans including some long-awaited PvP content.


The Temple of Blood
The Temple of Blood is one of the most successful contents updated in S.U.N. It has been already implemented for other service areas, including Korea and China. The Temple of Blood is S.U.N’s first GvG(Guild vs. Guild) system that brought exciting fights to many S.U.N players around the globe.


The Temple of Blood is one of the most successful contents updated in S.U.N.


The scenario behind ‘The Temple of Blood’ is set after completion of the main missions for each mission map. After the liberation army eliminated the main boss, guilds start to fight against each other to occupy the territory.


The Temple of Blood provides a 20 player versus 20 player map. Although it is not designed to bring massive fights between hundreds of players, it will bring even more thrilling experience than those huge castle siege maps. Strategy is a must because the number of players in the battle is limited. Thanks to the system, smaller guilds also have the same chance to win the fight while bigger guilds can aim at multiple areas at the same time.


WEBZEN stated The Temple of Blood that will be updated in September will work as a turning point to Episode 2, which will be focused more on PvP than before, while maintaining S.U.N’s original fun of playing story-based contents.


Monster Coliseum: Arena of Death
In addition to The Temple of Blood, S.U.N plans to update the Arena of Death: Monster Coliseum. It is an enormous event dungeon that challenges the players with total of five hundred monsters and six furious boss monsters. The new dungeon will let players enjoy action in a greater scale and get valuable items, according to WEBZEN officials.


Plans for the Future
WEBZEN also released information regarding the update of S.U.N Episode 2, since Episode 1 is close to its completion. Episode 2 will bring many changes to S.U.N including new continent, maps for more story behind S.U.N scenario, UI updates and modifications for a more convenient gaming experience, character balancing and growth system updates for easier access for new players, Battle zone modifications to provide easier, simpler and quicker game play and more.


Tony Kim, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN Inc. said “S.U.N was somewhat weak on the PvP contents since the previous contents were focused on the story-driven game play, but we will focus more on the PvP from now on in order to bring diversity to S.U.N.”


On other note, S.U.N celebrates its first anniversary for global service in October. There will be various events and promotions for the celebration.

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