SUN Update Reveals New Character Class, Maps and More!

SUN Update Reveals New Character Class, Maps and More!


SUN’s publisher WEBZEN stated that this will be the biggest update in the history of its Global S.U.N service. Included in the update are a new character class, mission area, village, multi language client, new items, mounts and even system modifications.

Main features of this update are:


Shadow: Assassin and Sorcerer
The new class ‘Shadow’ is a runaway from the imperial army ‘Imperial Herald’ with combined characteristics of both ‘assassin’ and ‘sorcerer.’ Main weapons are daggers and whip swords. Dark and curse skills are also available to give additional damage to the opponents. ‘Shadow’ is a foreboding and powerful character–players that master Shadow will be able to control the dead and give fatal attacks to the enemies with various skills.

Helron's Castle is a mission map for the highest level players


‘Shadow’, although a best-fit for solo-playing, it can also play a main part in parties as a damage dealer. ‘Shadow’ is not very good at taking blows, but he is an expert the other way around. Depending on skill or stat build, the character can be a dark magician that brings deceased monsters back into life or a fearless assassin that strikes the enemies without sound or trace.


Helron’s Castle and Aukra Village
‘Helron’s Castle’ is a mission map for the highest level players. Over a hundred and fifty quests will be added to this map, challenging players to fight against the hardest and toughest monsters. Aukra is a quiet and small village close by Helron’s Castle. Before fighting the Imperial Army, the Revolution Force will be able to take some rest before the final battle. The fantastic and dreamy atmosphere will let you have a peaceful rest before fighting against the immortal emperor.


S.U.N Client in German
On the other note, S.U.N client is going to be available in German!
This will allow ‘S.U.N’ players to play in German, but with other global players in the same server. WEBZEN plans to expand this multi-language support to Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and more.

Tony Kim, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN Inc. said “German client is the beginning of WEBZEN’s multi language support” and “Global games portal (WWW.WEBZEN.COM) aims to achieve higher players’ satisfaction by providing customer-oriented local language service.”

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