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When I was at Pax West this year, I had a chance to stop in at the Super Dungeon Booth and get a photo with Missyeru, who was cosplaying for them. I did not have the time to spend there I wanted, because the board game looks legitimately interesting. Today though I tried the demo for the PC game, Super Dungeon Tactics! I feel like it probably translates better onto a console/PC because you can do so much more than you could with a board and pieces. So I played through a few stages, and kept telling the audience “I’ll play one more stage and then I’ll be done”. That however, was five or six stages later. I found myself very quickly hooked by the charming characters, and the intense challenge. I’m not the best strategy gamer, but I love them anyway. We got to experience a little less than half of the cast, but I stand by the Knight being the best. So far, anyway.

Super Dungeon Tactics Demo

So what do I think/what did I do? You enter a stage with set of objectives, and sometimes it takes several maps/stages to complete these. Or maybe you’ll just have to survive. You pick a crew of characters, the size of the team varying with the length/difficulty as far as I’m aware. Each character has a set of stats that will be influenced by what they equip [in the full version]. But for now, they had a pair of weapons to select and each has its range, damage and et cetera. They also have special abilities that you can activate, if you roll well! That’s the big part of it, the dice. You roll a set of dice, and they can give you more blocking power, health back, damage, or let you activate passives/abilities. Then characters take movements based on initiative, and what I think is interesting and also vexing, enemies also get dice rolls it seems! Most of these maps had a structure that spit out more enemies to deal with, which is especially hard on stages that say “Defeat all enemies” and it’s always going to be at the ass-end of the bloody stage. So you have to balance where you move/what you do so you don’t get overwhelmed.

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For the most part, I fell in love with this game. I genuinely feel that using the middle button on the mouse to move the screen around is slow and impossibly frustrating. I have a feeling this game will play better for me with a controller, but I just like the potential movement with it. As long as I can re-bind that in the full game it won’t be a complaint at all. Some of the dark/cave areas can have very hard to see spots for enemies, where turning the camera is more of a detriment than a boon, but again, it’s a strategy game for a reason. It’s not major, it won’t slow down gameplay but it’s occasionally hard to see enemies in those corners. I do however like that enemies can hide in the darkness where you have not traveled yet/gotten close to. All in all, having only spent a few hours with Super Dungeon Tactics I can say with complete honesty that I need more of it. I can’t wait for the full release, and you should check it out here!

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  • Mike Guzman

    A good friend of mine has the board game Super Dungeon Explorers with all the expansions. It’s a TON of fun so I imagine a video game based on it is just as good