Superhero MMO, Hero Smash, Enters Open Beta

Superhero MMO, Hero Smash, Enters Open Beta

Artix Entertainment today announced the Open Beta release for Hero Smash, its newest MMORPG, scheduled to launch April 28th, 2011. The Beta release will be open to all players.


Hero Smash is an all new MMORPG where Super Villains and Heroes battle against each other for control of strategic locations and items within Super City. Players will choose to become evil Super Villains or good Heroes and fight to ensure their side’s victory.


Hero Smash Open Beta

The Alpha test-phase of the game was open for three months exclusively to members of the existing Artix Entertainment games. The game content was tested by over 200,000 players. The Beta release will open the game to the public, allowing all players to create an account and play the game. This release will introduce 4 new areas, dozens of new monsters, and hundreds of new in-game items including superpowers that were not available during the Alpha test-phase.



The Hero Smash game is unique from anything else seen in Artix Entertainment’s games. The characters are drawn in an original “vinyl” art-style and the game features real-time cooperative multiplayer combat. Players will be able to team up or fight solo to defeat monsters, complete quests and explore the player-driven storylines.

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