Sword Girls CB Test 2 Begins with New Events

Sword Girls CB Test 2 Begins with New Events



Changyou’s Sword Girls Online Trading Card Game is back for a second round of beta testing starting today and running until December 19th!



For those who missed out on Hhean’s Sword Girls Impressions, you should know the game is based on magical female warriors doing battle in the form of a card game. A card game in which you use lesser cards to protect your primary card while attempting to blow through your enemy’s resistance with your lesser cards, unique main card powers, and magic cards. Those who are victorious can even use material collected to forge new and more powerful cards to customize your deck further!



In this month’s CB test, Changyou is holding various events to get you a chance to win T-Shirts and even an ASUS tablet!



Draw your sword and prepare for the following exciting events:

Deck Master Champion: Win 250 games by the end of CBT 2 to become a Deck Master Champion and  be entered into a chance to win an ASUS Tablet!

Deck Masters: The top 50 players with the most WINS at the end of CBT 2 will win exclusive Sword Girls T-Shirts!

Play for Keeps: Win 100 games and earn the limited edition “Blade Tutor Grace” card – to keep permanently in Open Beta!

Dungeon Masters: Be the first to conquer any Dungeon to obtain the special Dungeon Boss Card and bonus Materials!

Daily Bonus: Don’t forget to log in daily for your bonus Material Card and 500 Tokens!

Take down the Sword Girls Team: Bring your best deck and challenge the Sword Girls staff to the ultimate showdown!



So don’t delay. Head over to our Events Page and grab your OnRPG beta key today!

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