SWTOR Breaking News: Gamescom 2012

SWTOR Breaking News Gamescom 2012

By Jonathan Doyle (Ardua), OnRPG Journalist



Fresh from the Bioware Party here at Gamescom Cologne, we here at OnRPG can report on some brand new world first information only shown at the community party.



After hanging out, having fun and being entertained by a wonderful lightsaber battle, fans and a few select others were witness to a special Gamescom only World exclusive trailer.
Star Wars: The Old Republic will be getting amongst many other things, a brand new raid, a brand new Catlike alien race and most impressively of an all new space based player versus player system.
We will of course be bringing you the trailer itself in all its glory when released to the press and public at large.
Till then, remember, Rotworms. Jeff Hickman approved.

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