SWTOR: first class announced

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Star Wars The Old Republic has finally announced it’s first playable character class in the game – and surprise, surprise. It’s not a Jedi, it’s a Bounty Hunter! Bounty Hunters in SWTOR are a rugged, ruthless bunch as you would come to expect a hunter to be. In SWTOR, they have to be as they are taking on the most dangerous missions and assinations in the galaxy by going after force users. A big beneficiary of the services of bounty hunters will be the Sith Empire, who are giving out an unprecedented amount of death marks and highering the services of the best hunters in the galaxy. Here, the best hunter’s will be known as “Jedi Killers”.

Bounty Hunters in SWTOR will need the best armor and weaponry in the galaxy – spending as much on an advanced blaster as others spend on star ships. Their armor is crafted by top artisans and constantly upgrading to the best equipment and gadgets available. The life of a bounty hunter is always on the edge, he’ll need every surprise available at his disposal to survive. With each new mark taken down the hunter will increase his notoriety – and his price.
(source: Gamezig.com)

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