Tabula Rasa: feedback friday: 10/31/2008

First, what is better than blasting some Bane with your trusty shotty? How about blasting some Bane with your trusty shotty in a first person view? With a FPS view, you can finally get all up-close and personal with your favorite lobster. Just wear your bib because things get pretty messy.
Ever wonder why you couldn’t use scopes? I wondered the same thing. Say goodbye to click zooming into over the shoulder cameras. Weapon scopes are on the way! Blast Bane from the comfort of your hiding spot with increased zooming and visibility. Try to click zoom other weapons like the Series 3 rocket launcher. It’s fun, but maybe not so much for the guy you are aiming at.

There is nothing better than walking around in a hulking mass of metal and firepower. That is, unless you are sitting in the cockpit of one. Yes, that is right! Click zoom yourself into a cockpit of walking death and lay waste to your foes. Try not to step on your squad. (No screen shots yet, though. —Ed).

We all hope that these upcoming changes make TR more fun and immersive for you. Now go crack some skulls and bring me more candy!

“Atta” Glance
* New camera system
* FPS mode
* Weapon scopes
* Mech cockpit view
* Increased camera distance from character (some love to the support classes)

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