“Take This” Charity to Receive Support from Makers of “Town of Light”

TakeThis, Inc. - It's dangerous to go alone

Take This is the latest video-game related charity and is a non-profit that educates people on the importance of mental health awareness in the gaming community. They also combat the stigma associated with those who struggle with mental illness. In partnership with Wired Productions/LKA it, Take This and other mental health charities will receive 25% of the net receipts of each copy of The Town of Light, a popular psychological adventure title now available. This will go on from Aug 16 through Sept 6 2017, and is currently available with an additional 20% off discount. This is a remarkable idea, and I’m glad to see that a serious issue like mental health is being combined with a popular psychological title such as Town of Light. I hope it does help spread the word of Take This and their goals of mental health/awareness.

It’s dangerous to go alone.

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