Tales of Fantasy: Alpha Test Winds Down, New Version Coming

Tales of Fantasy: Alpha Test Winds Down, New Version Coming


The Tales of Fantasy Alpha Test officially ended on March 16th. The main objectives for this round of testing were to let players experience the early stages of the game, and to test the capabilities of the game systems.
The Tales of Fantasy Team would like to take this opportunity to thank our players for their continued support and constant input – invaluable assistance that helped us correct a lot of bugs, and improve on many aspects of the game.
The wide selection of mounts available during the Alpha Test was quite the eye-opener, as it turns out – there were hardly any players seen without a mount! With the unique feature of being able to combat freely while riding astride a mount, it was quite a sight indeed as players did battle on all fronts. Galloping across the land and clashing with a group of enemies has never been so much fun!
The epic quality of sights such as that was amplified in the last day of the Alpha Test, when all players rallied as one, and fought gallantly against players from the opposite faction. Such intensity, even at the eleventh hour, was something that exceeded our expectations this early in development.
Even more surprising, and exciting, was that with only 8 days to explore all the features of the game, exquisite sets of customized equipment were already popping up. Some players were were even spotted equipped with their very own set of wings – the envy of many to be sure! Other elements like horse racing were also a hit during the AT.

Imagination Mounts Tales of Fantasy Alpha

Of course, how could we not mention the lethal hot springs. If you thought your chances for survival in battle were slim, you should’ve seen the slaughter that took place at the hot springs. Who knew stepping foot in hot water could be so dangerous? Well, with the help of our GMs, players were seen taking the initiative to team up, and watch each others backs, helping one another to overcome a the vast amount of challenges that ToF poses, together. Selflessness, creativity, and teamwork ruled the day, forging many strong bonds between players that are sure to last through to the Closed Beta!
There are simply too many tales to be told of all that happened in Alpha Test – the epic sight of hundreds getting in line to claim rewards was just one of the many unforgettable moments.
With the final mass screenshot having been snapped, Tales of Fantasy’s Alpha Test came to an end – but it’s not really an end, simply the beginning of the next stage, with much, much more to come. In the month of April, we will be bringing to our players the new and improved Closed Beta version – so keep your sword handy, and let your imagination take flight…only in Tales of Fantasy!

Tales of Fantasy Mounts Battle Alpha Test

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