Tales of Pirates: $0.01 Point Cards

IGG are pleased to reveal a special promotional event in advance here about 99-points Point Cards in Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) Item Mall. The original unit price of 99-points Point Card is $ 5.8, but it will be only $ 0.01 during the period of promotional event. Only 20,000 99-points Point Cards will be available for sales promotion. First-come, first-served!
Below are the details of this event:
Event Period: The event will commence on July 4 and end when the cards for sales promotion are sold out.
1. Only Tales of Pirates players are allowed to join this event and each account is allowed to buy one card only.
2. There should be at least one character of level 30+ in the participants’ account.
3. Only Google Checkout is valid for this event.
4. The final right to interpret will be reserved by TOP Operational Team.
For more detail of point cards, please visit: http://top.igg.com/bill/index.php

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