Tales of Pirates: Addition of the Honorary Treasure Chest

It’s the pirates’ code of honor and glory for protecting the guild in bloody battle. In accordance with this code, Tales of Pirates has designed the “Honorary Treasure Chest” to reward the bravest warriors who’ve proved themselves over and over again in battle. Members of the winning guild will receive this precious prize as well as the honor owed to true pirates.

Precious items in Treasure Chest

The Honorary Treasure Chest in Tales of Pirates is a symbol for a lord. Included in the chest, players will have chance to obtain one of the following precious items, Sturgeon Soup, the Chaos Bonus Book, the Black Dragon summon scroll or 300,000 Gold.

The Sturgeon Soup can be used to restore 1600HP and increase 3 PhyResist in 8 minutes. The Chaos Bonus Book can be used to increase Chaos by 10 points. The Black Dragon summon scroll can be used to summon the ultimate Black Dragon BOSS which grants tons of EXP after it is defeated.

After the addition of the Honorary Treasure Chest content into the new version, we believe Tales of Pirates will be much more challenging and attractive! If you haven’t joined a guild yet, choose one quickly and experience the excitement of Guild Wars in TOP. Go forward to the Mystic Garden!

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