Tales of Pirates: Black Dragon Events

Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com/) will be holding a lot of activities with the Black Dragon motif to celebrate the Christmas Season. The Black Dragon has been awakened and the Pirate world will face an unprecedented catastrophe from it. Some warriors have gathered together to challenge the powerful and ferocious dragon, and also, obtain the legendary equipment it is said to possess.
Black Dragon December
Activity I: Shopaholic Selection
From Dec 1st to Dec 30th, players who spend the most money in the ToP Item Mall will be offered a complete Black Dragon Set as a gift,and players who rank from 2nd to 6th will be offered 1 Black Dragon Torso as a gift.( The Black Dragon Set is only given as gifts not for sale)
Activity II: Black Dragon Equipment on Auction
From Dec 10th, 2007 to Jan 13th 2008, Players can participate in the Auction activity, and buy items via Credits of Award Center. 1 Black Dragon Set and 4 Black Dragon Torsos’ will be auctioned, with this auction being held once a week.
Activity III- Attack from the Black Dragon
Undoubtedly, obtaining the Black Dragon Equipment is every player’s dream. Now players have the chance to gather together to beat the Black Dragon, and then get this legendary equipment, or die trying…
In addition to the above activities, ToP is building a Christmas village, and during the month of December ToP will be holding a lot of interesting Christmas activities in the Christmas village! Also, check out the Christmas warm up activities below.
Christmas Warm Up Activities
Activity I: Snowballs Giving Away
GMs will give out snowballs, and players only need to follow the GM to get one.
Activity II: Reindeer Summoning Scroll
GMs will appear in Icicle Castle, and players should find a GM and exchange 99 Christmas Lollipops for 1 Reindeer Summoning Scroll.
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