Tales of Pirates: Chinese ValentineÂ’s Day Event

Tales of Pirates official is announcing lovely activity – I wish our love is everlasting….

“Chinese Valentine’s Day”- is one of the Traditional Chinese Holidays… The festival is held on the 7th day of the seventh lunar month. It is said that the Chinese Romeo and Juliet date in the Milky Way on this day. It is the most romantic festival among the traditional Chinese festivals.
—-Build a love bridge between you and your lover!

Time: EST August 15 –August 18, Beijing time: August 16—August 19

Location: Forum of TOP MEDIWOVERVIEW

1. Before August 19, players should find a “lover” in the game of TOP. Take a group photo with your lover and post the screenshot in the defined location of the forum. Remember to write down what you want to say to him/her in your post (within 400 letters).
2. Player should provide the server name and both character names in the post.
3. Each couple cannot post the same screenshot.
4. The post should be named with [screenshot] Contest+Topic.

1. We will choose two players to win “Best Screenshot” in each server. GMs will send winners’ well wishes by system message (Players can choose the definite time by themselves).
2. The winners will obtain rich and romantic Valentine’s Day gifts: 500K+set (choose one from Royal Set, Pirate Set and Skeletar Set) + 99 rations.

Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming. Join TOP Online activity for Chinese Valentine’s Day in the forum. Many riches and love await you.

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