Tales of Pirates: Christmas Village Open

We have excellent news for all of our TOP players;
As a way to celebrate the upcoming festivities we here at TOP (http://top.igg.com/) opened the Christmas Village in the game on the 19th of December. In this magical place players can take part in many wonderful activities such as Snowball Fights. And of course all of our treasured players are invited to the Christmas Meal where everyone can get together for fun, food and frolics. And maybe even big rewards?!

Christmas In-Game Activities

Activities Duration: Dec.19- Dec.31
Location: Christmas Village

Activity I: Delicious Christmas Meal – An easy way to level up
During this activity, players can obtain Turkey Meat from turkeys, and then can cook the meat to make a Delicious Christmas Meal. They will find that their experience levels are greatly increased after eating the mouthwatering feast

Activity II: Turkey Hunting & Reindeer Seeking – Get your Christmas gifts
Players should go to find all of the turkeys, which have stolen gifts from Santa (our Nov Activity), and also some naughty reindeer that have nicked Santa’s gift boxes as well. The turkeys and Reindeer will give players a big surprise when captured!

Activity III: Christmas Gifts – Big surprises
Players can obtain a Christmas Box and a Christmas Stocking by hunting the turkeys and Reindeer, the box will offer players the chance to obtain special Christmas gifts. Players can also obtain Christmas gifts with a Christmas Stocking.

Activity IV: Christmas Wishing Tree – Spread your wishes
There is a beautiful Christmas tree in the center of the Christmas village, and players can take their Christmas Cards (Turkeys drop) there so that they can make their Christmas wishes in front of the tree. The system will spread the players’ wishes throughout the current server when they click on the Christmas tree.

Activity V: Almighty Gem Exchange – Gain great power
Players can obtain a “Special Quest Card” in the Item Mall, and then find Santa Claus to exchange the card for an Almighty Gem.
Almighty Gem: permanently improves players’ stats (Each player can only exchange one time only for the Almighty Gem)

Christmas Forum Activity
A letter to Santa in TOP – A chance to win BD Torso
Santa in TOP has prepared so many wonderful presents for all of the Good Pirates. Players should send letters with their character photos or personal photos to Santa in the forum, and they will receive their presents. Naughty Pirates who don’t post in the forum will receive nothing. As an added bonus you will have a chance to win the Black Dragon Torso. For more information click here: http://top.igg.com/atc/blackdragon/4.html

Christmas Item Mall Sales Promotion
During this activity, some new items will be sold, and some existing items will be sold at a bargain prices in the Item Mall, for instance, Christmas Hats, Christmas sets and various Summoning Scrolls. Visit the TOP official website for more information.

Visit the TOP official website for more information: http://top.igg.com/atc/christmas/

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