Tales of Pirates: CrusaderÂ’s Skills

Tales of Pirates attaches a lot of importance to group cooperation and grants high EXP for killing monsters when different classes coordinate well in a team. Crusader is an excellent class featuring quick movement, strong damage dealing, and magic spells to aid in assassin-like kills. They play a very important role in group cooperation especially in group PVP, target detection and BOSS quests because they have gorgeous skills and satisfactory damage-dealing.

Crusader’s Skill Description:

Concentration?Increase hit rate of character.
Sword Mastery?Increase attack when using sword.
Illusion Slash?Use energy of sword to damage enemy at a distance.
Berserk?Increase hit rate and attack speed for short duration
Deftness?Increase dodge rate of character.
Shadow Slash?Continuous melee attack and knock out a single target.
Poison Dart: Shoot a dart and put enemy in poison status.
Blood Frenzy: Reduce attack time cooldown using dual weapon.
Dual Sword Mastery: Increase attack when using two weapons.
Stealth: Make character invisible to other unit.

From among all skills the Illusion Slash is a distance skill which grants Crusader’s their highest killing power. Its damage will be maxed when Attack speed goes up to 210.

Swordsmen planning on advancing to Crusaders better improve their Concentration to Rank 2, Swordsmanship to Rank 3, Berserk to Rank 5 and max out Illusion Slash before Level 40. Also, reserve about 10 skill points for future use.

After finishing the advancement quest, Swordsman will move up to Crusader when they use the remaining skill points to pump up their Dual Sword Mastery. This will increase their attack power greatly. Then, as they progress in level, all additional skill points should be distributed to their senior spells and abilities, like immediately pumping Blood Frenzy to Rank 5, and Shadow Slash to Rank 1, then gradually filling Blood Frenzy and learning Level 1 Stealth.

Crusaders should know their stats well and better distribute the skill points, so they will reap the benefits in the PVP. They not only know themselves, but also know about other classes, including their attacks, defenses, skills and cooldown times. They can choose different strategies for different challengers, thus they deserve the honor as “The King of PVP”.

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