Tales of Pirates: Exploring Naval Base

In Tales of Pirates the Naval Base was a place which used to stand for justice, but it has since become a dangerous place filled with evil spirits. It functions as important transfer station to Heaven and Abaddon, as well as connecting to the Underground Dock and Research Shelter. It is a popular place where players love to challenge each other because of its vital geography.

There are many valuable places for players to explore, like the beach competition, the Deathsoul Commander Passes and much more. Players can’t get the various treasures of the Naval Base unless they get through all the layers of firepower and finally arrive at the depths of the map.

Beach Competition
The mysterious Naval Base beach is almost completely covered with Canon Powers which have a lot of power and a long firing range. If players want to arrive at the base, they have to get through all of this intense firepower. Also there is a spirit army that cruises around the island forming layers of defense. Players must possess great wisdom and courage to get to the base. There are lots of high-level monsters on the Naval Base just waiting for those that are skilled, or lucky enough to get through. In the water there are Deathsoul Gunboats (Level 70), and Deathsoul Speed Boats (Level 70), while on land the Deathsoul Soldiers (Level 70) and the Cannon Towers (Level 70) make life interesting to say the least. It is accessible by players who are Level 40+ and going in a group is suggested.

To meet the Deathsoul Commander
At the base, there are many other things to do besides the Beach Competition and fighting, players can also collect the passwords needed to enter the Research Shelter. With these passwords players will be able to get through the 3 passes after fighting the guardian monsters in the mysterious chambers. At the end of the passes you will see the top spirit official, the Deathsoul Commander, who is always hidden in the secret Research Shelter. If you can defeat him you will obtain lots of gold, treasure as well as enviable honors.

Player’s who are Level 40+, brave and have enough confidence, can challenge themselves and test their limits at the Naval Base!
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