Tales of Pirates: Exploring the Treasure Gulf

In Tales of Pirates the Treasure Gulf is the first scene of the Caribbean Sea map. It is also an important transfer station through which players can access Skeletar Isle, Naval Base, Abaddon and Heaven. Like other treasure places, Treasure Gulf hides many precious items. Players may be able to get them by salvaging or fishing, and if they don’t get what they want, it’s easy to sell them for a profit. It is also the only place which allows PK on the Caribbean Sea map.

Treasure Gulf Features

I. Silent Fleet

It is said that there are 7 sunken ships under the Treasure Gulf. In name and appearance they are all alike, but one among them is a special ship containing much more precious treasure chests.
When opening a common treasure chest, players will get ordinary materials, but when opening a special treasure chest they may obtain lots of gold, Mystic Panda Caps, Refining Gems and Attribute Gems.

II. Cruising Sharks

There are many schools of sharks living in the Treasure Gulf. Players can salvage these sharks by using salvaging tools. The sharks have attack powers, and will damage players’ ships.
After using a shark, players will obtain any one of the level 75 apparel suits, Shark Meat, Shark Roe, Sharkfin, and Shark Bone which are very useful and can be used to manufacture new items players need after adding ingredients like salt and rice.
Shark Fillet is made with Shark Meat plus Mustard, and will restore 1000 health points.
Caviar is made of Shark Roe and salt, and will restore 1000 SP points.
Sharkfin Porridge is made of Sharkfin plus Rice, and will increase attack power by 50%.
Fish Bone Soup is made of Shark Bone and Water, and will increase Dodge Rating by 50%.

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