Tales of Pirates Feature Light: Vessels System

The most attractive part of Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) is the sea battle, and Players wanting to test their mettle on the open water have got to have a vessel. After all without a vessel of some kind how can you conduct a proper sea battle? All rhetoric aside, vessels can be bought from an NPC in Argent City, Shaitan City, Icicle City or Thundoria.

Players can answer the call of the sea after reaching level 20! 1 character can own up to 3 vessels at most; during construction of the vessels, there are four main parts you can change, which are the Bow, Mobility, Cannon and Components; you can replace each part, with different combinations you will have different abilities in the sea, and the prices will vary as well. You need to obtain a Vessel Deed which proves your identity after building the vessel; and you may not board your precious vessel without the Vessel Deed.


Once you have obtained a vessel you can sail out after talking to the Harbor Operator. You can also refuel and repair your vessels at any Harbor operator.

The biggest selling point of Tales of Pirates is our unique vessels system, to adventure the wide open sea in your own pirate vessel, to explore new places and find lost treasure will be a marvelous experience for all Players!

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