Tales of Pirates: Forsaken City Overview

Today the folks at Tales of Pirates are going to tell you about the Forsaken City. Recently, archaeologists in Shaitan City have discovered a deserted city that has more than 1 thousand years of history. You can still feel the past prosperity of the brilliant civilization, although it looks very desolate now. What surprises these archaeologists is the sheer amount of treasure, mystery, as well as hidden dangers there.

The Forsaken City is made up of 3 stories. The monsters there range from level 30 to level 45. The entrance will appear in the vicinity of the Magical Ocean for 60 minutes every 3 hours. After the entrance has appeared, you are advised to get in as soon as possible. Don’t forget to bring the Ancient Generator with you; otherwise you will not be able to enter the deserted city.
Players can steer their ships into the entrance. After you arrive at the Forsaken City, you can steer your ships into the port.

Features I
Players can PK freely there. You may also challenge the bosses who guard tons of treasure there.

Features II
Players can also accept some extra quests with big rewards and abundant Exp.

Features III
The bosses in the Forsaken City will drop chests that may contain level 40 and level 30 gear. However, the attributes of the gear is better than that of other gear of the same levels.

Extreme PK, Abundant Exp, and fine gear are waiting at the Forsaken City for you !

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