Tales of Pirates: Fun PK Weekend

IGG (http://www.igg.com) has announced that a PK weekend has been added to the weekly activity schedule for Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com). Guild War and Lucky Survivor will be involved in the PK activities.
Click here (http://top.igg.com/weekly4/index.html) to check the weekly activity schedule.

Details for PK Weekend:
 Guild War
The honor of the guild stimulates you; faith in the supreme power supports you. Want to be the best in the guild? Want your guild to be the Triton of the minnows? Then draw your cutlass, fight for your guild, and devote yourself to this heroic war.

Rule: Before EST 12:00AM each Friday, each guild can go to Guildmaster-Forlan(831,3249) in Shaitan City to bid for their right to fight against the Defending champion. Guilds with the winning bid will be allowed to challenge the Defending champion at EST 12:00AM each Saturday. The winning side will be given the title Champion Guild and will be rewarded generously. Click here for details about the guild war.

Lucky Survivor
It’s the warrior’s destiny to be tested. You have no choice, all you can do is to become stronger and stronger, push on and defeat whatever lies ahead.

Est 22:00~23:00PM every Sunday, GMs will make an arena in which Players are free to PK without any restriction. To apply to join, Players can go to find our GM near the PUB in Argent City (To apply, Players have to be included in the friends list of our GMs). There will be 40 Players in a group. When the battle begins, the GM will ask 20 Players to go into the arena first. Once a character has died, our GM will ask the next Player to go into the arena to join the fight. The last man standing will be the champion. There are no restrictions in the arena, you can use any item and even team up with other Players to form temporary alliances. However, there will be only one survivor and only the last Player standing can get the reward.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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