Tales of Pirates: Halloween Surprises Keep Coming

With Halloween Day quickly approaching, the Tales
of Pirates team will be holding a lot of cool activities so our players
can start off their Halloween fun a little early. Come join them and
have some scary Halloween fun in Tales of Pirates!

Event I  Rescue Apollo
Evil Samhain captured
Apollo and hid him in a secret place before Halloween. Without Apollo’s
light, the crops have withered and famine has spread everywhere.
Samhain has also gathered his army to attack peaceful Spring Island on
Halloween Day. Warriors, hurry, go to teach them a lesson they won’t
soon forget!
Event Duration: October, 14th — October, 19th EDT (GMT-4)

Event II  Jack’s Halloween Gifts
Halloween Night, Jack, the drunkard and trickster, will come to Tales
of Pirates to play tricks on players. He will bring some magical
Halloween gifts if you successfully collect the J, A, C, and K cards by
completing the tasks which Jack designed.
Event Duration: October, 20th — October, 30th EDT (GMT-4)

Event III  Costume Party — Crazy Halloween Day
is quickly approaching, and the TOP team will be holding a grand
Costume Party. All the super pirates around the world are invited to
come together for this momentous event. A lot of mobs, sand bag
critters and BOSSes will also come out to join the fun!
The pirates
will have a fashion show and also be able to obtain a lot of EXP and
Halloween gifts prepared by the TOP team. Besides this, the showman
will bring some games for the pirates. The luckiest warrior will win
the one and only Lucky Prize!
Event Duration: November, 2nd — November, 10th EDT (GMT-4)

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