Tales of Pirates: Head Gear Forging Release

Tales of Pirates will add Head Gear Forging content to recent updates! With the launch of the Head Gear Forging system, all classes of players now have the chance to own head gear that was exclusively available to the Ami class before. The system will also offer relevant services, like Gem Forging, Fusing, and gear enhancing and so on. It’s another great system for players who love to forge cool gear.

Players can buy hats from the Weird Hat Seller at Argent City (2240?2770) who has many different kinds of hats for Lance, Phyllis and Carsise characters. These hats can be improved into head gear and fused with other parts of apparel of the same type, and then have up to 110% enhancement effect.

Of course, specific gems will be supplied for players who want to forge higher head gear. Players can go to the ironsmith at Shaitan city to have their hat slotted, and then forge the gems they want. Gems are also available from the Item Mall.
Generally there are 3 types of gems for Head Gear Forging:

Red Jade: +200 Maximal HP
Yellow Jade: +10 DEF
Green Jade: +200 Maximal SP

The gems listed above can be compounded and refined as usual, and have no special differences with other gems. These make improving head gear very easy for players. The gems can be also applied to enhance Ami’s hats.

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