Tales of Pirates: Industrial Analyzing

The players from Tales of Pirates recently had some fun with an industrial experiment in game. In the last chapter we heard about manufacturing, today we will continue to take a glance at another handicraft, analyzing.

This handicraft can turn what seems like waste into some really useful items. Apart from manufacturing, analysis changes unused gear into one of several useful items. According to the catalyst used, the waste gear can be analyzed into very different materials, like weapon parts, armor parts or even cooking materials.

Necessities for Analysis:

Fairy Analyzing Skills: Can be learned from the Lifeskill Book of Analyzing Pet Fairies.

Catalyst: There are 8 different types according to the items you want to get. They are the Stone Catalyst, Liquid Catalyst, Food Catalyst, Special Catalyst, Bone Catalyst, Plant Catalyst, Fur Catalyst and Wood Catalyst.

Tool: The Particle Crystal is the very best tool for Analyzing.
Analysis Effect: 100% success rate of Analysis, followed by the release of from 1 to 10 items. The quantity of the item obtained relates to the level of the pet fairy, skill level, tool level and so on, while the quality of the item obtained is related to the item to be analyzed.

Analyzing Flow:

Find the Substance Generator at Icicle Castle (1341, 565).
Click to open the analysis page, and then drag the item you want to analyze, pet Fairy, and Particle Crystal into their corresponding positions.

Click Start, and then the progress bar below will begin to move with a five-digit number display.

Click Finish before the progress bar is complete.

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