Tales of Pirates: Land-borne Trade Coming

The Tales of Pirates Team is introducing a new way to make money — Land-borne Trade. This is a new way for traders’ to expand their business after the Marine Trade was stopped awhile ago.

Players only need to finish a snowman escort quest to obtain fabulous rewards at the final destination, including the incredible Sand Bag Scroll, Mao Wine and in-game gold.

Event Duration:
2:00 am EDT (GMT-4) September 8th to September 19th

Event Location:
All servers

Event Rewards:
Players will obtain 10,000G and one alphabet card “I” when completing the quest once.
3 alphabet cards “I” can be traded for 2 LV1Sand Bag Scroll from GMb.
5 alphabet cards “I” can be traded for 2 LV2 Sand Bag Scroll from GMb.
7 alphabet cards “I” can be traded for a bottle of Mao Wine.

Excited? So get ready for the cool Land-borne Trading coming soon!

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