Tales of Pirates: Manufacturing Lifeskill

After all of our Pirates hard exploration and in game experiments, we are very proud to announce that Tales of Pirates has now ushered in the prosperous age of Industrial Development. From now on many skills and systems such as Manufacturing, Crafting, Analyzing and Cooking will be able to use the advantages given by this more modern era. It will make full use of items and also enable recycling. Today TOP will share the secrets of one of the handicrafts; Manufacture with our players to show how to take the best advantage of it.

If players use the manufacturing handicraft the right way, then they will be able to turn what seems like waste into some really useful items. Before production players must prepare the necessary items, including the blueprints for corresponding level, pet Fairy, tools and raw materials. Then they can start to make any of the items that they may need for Forging, Cooking or Analyzing, or any other useful supplementary PK items by themselves.

The necessities for Manufacture:

Fairy Manufacturing Skills: Can be learned from the Lifeskill Book of Manufacturing Pet Fairies.

Blueprint: Except for the analyzing skill, all of the handicraft sneed a Blueprint which can be obtained through monster drops. It records the attributes of the handicraft, relevant information and requirements. There are 3 types in total; Manufacturing Blueprint, Crafting Blueprint and Cooking Blueprint.

Raw Materials: Can be used for each of the handicraft, including wood, stones, food, vegetables, furs, goods, and local specialties. Each material has 10 different ranks, except for goods and local specialties.

Tool: The Black Hole Crystal is the very best tool for Manufacturing.

Manufacturing Flow:
1. Go find the Substance Generator at Shaitan City (877, 3645).
2. Click to open the manufacture page, and then drag the Blueprint (in the first slot), pet Fairy, Raw Materials and Black Hole Crystal into their corresponding positions.
3. Click Start, and then the progress bar below will begin to move.
4. Click Finish when the progress bar is complete, after this you will see the full effect of item manufactured.

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