Tales of Pirates: Marine Trade System Feature

As a cool game with the a navigation theme, the trade system on the sea is very important in Tales of Pirates Online. It is an ideal way for players to get money.

1. Requirements for Trade
The players can trade with each other in every port where he/she can reach by boat. Players can get a first-degree boat after they hit level 15.

2. Tax System and Trade License
Tax System— As in life, trade is not free. The government will collect taxes from each successful trade according to the designated tax rate. But the players can lower the tax rate by winning Tax Points and Trade Degrees after completing trade quests.
Only players having a Trade License are eligible for trade quests. A Trade License is very important in the chain of trade. Without a Trade License, players can only exchange low level items. A Trade License can be obtained only by completing the relevant quest in the Trade House of Shaitan City after the character hits level 20. There are 3 kinds of Trade Licenses: Junior Trade License, Secondary Trade License and Senior Trade License; matching items of different levels respectively. After getting a Trade License, players will be eligible for the corresponding trade quests in Shaitan City and for getting Tax Points to lower the tax rate.

In addition, the trade system for Tales of Pirates highly simulates true international and domestic trade. The items for trade will be refreshed at a specific time and amount. And the price will fluctuate within a specific range as well.

Do you want to acquire wealth through the sea? Then please join in our marine trade!

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