Tales of Pirates: Mysterious Abaddon X File

In Tales of Pirates, players may be surprised to find the power of the spirit army when they access the evil Navigation Base and dark Skeletar Isle. However, many people never realize that the most powerful spirit army is found on Abaddon, a mysterious place with 18 floors of ever-increasingly terrible monsters. To find fortune, challenge the monsters and the BOSS Barborosa, who will drop all kinds of fantastic treasure, including the Heart of Black Dragon, the Eye of Black Dragon, the Power of Flame and much more.

1. 18 Rounds Challenge
Players are confronted with danger as soon as they enter Abaddon, where there are no supplies and no way to retreat. Abaddon has 18 floors and each floor has monsters. The monsters waiting for you here are powerful and know that you seek their treasure. Players who want to challenge them must be Level 40+ and are advised to go as a team. Players should defeat all the BOSS on each floor before going up to the next floor. You will have many rounds of fun challenge you have never experienced before, and meet ugly and powerful monsters you have never seen before, including the Abyss Lord – Hardin,Despair Knight ? Saro, and Abyss Mudmonster – Karu.

2. The Ultimate Abaddon
If Abaddon hides masses of treasure, the last floor has more surprises for our players. They will see the legendary Black Devious Angel and Bloodwing Angel, and the most powerful BOSS Abyss Supreme ? Kara, who will summon an Abyss Lord to help each time its HP decreases by 10%. The Heart of Black Dragon, Eye of Black Dragon, Soul of Black Dragon and the most fantastic Rightful Chest of Black Dragon, which can be set into the Rightful Black Dragon Equipment, await those who succeed in this challenge.

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