Tales of Pirates: New Server Up

IGG announced that a new server — Eternal Sea will be launched in Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) at 4:00AM EST on Dec the19th. Simultaneously, some fun-filled activities will be held in game.

Activity One – 2x and 3x Experience:
Players can enjoy 2x Exp between 4:00 AM EST, Dec the 19th and 0:00 EST, Dec the 22nd and 3x Exp between 0:00 AM EST, Dec the 22nd and 0:00 EST, Dec the 23rd.

Activity Two – Leveling Competition:
Players who have reached the highest level by 2:00 EST, Dec 26th will be announced as the Eternal Sea Leveling Heroes–, there will be 25 heroes in total,

First Prize (1): A Xmas Set + 5 million coins
Second Prize (3): A Xmas Set + 3 million coins
Third Prize (5): A Xmas Set + 1 million coins
Fourth Prize (16): 500 thousand coins

Activity Three – Lucky Number Winners:
The pirates who rank 100, 200, 300…1000 respectively by 2:00 EST, Dec the 26th will be announced as the lucky number winners, and each one of them will be awarded 200 thousand coins!

For more information about these activities visit the official TOP website at: http://top.igg.com/index.php.

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