Tales of Pirates: November Events Ceremony

The officials at Tales of Pirates have announced that they will be holding lots of cool events in November, like the brand new Fairy Chest event, the Everyday Surprises event, the new PVP arena event and much more. Among them the biggest ones are the Dream Wheel event and Bounty Hunter event. We will be taking a quick glance at these two featured events today.

Event I: Dream Wheel
The Dream Wheel event will debut November 14th with a 100% success rate. It is accessible for all Tales of Pirates users both by Point Card and credits.
This cool event only costs 16 points or 95 credits, and guarantees you’ll win something from among all the valuable gear and items available.

Event II: Bounty Hunter
This event is exclusively designed for players who love to fight BOSSes. From November 14th to the 30th players can gather the event required items through monster drops and then redeem these items for the huge rewards IGG has prepared. The challenging monsters range from Level 55 to Level 85.
The rewards for redemption are Level 75 Magenta Weapons which can increase attributes by 10, including the Sword of Dawn, Venom Gun, Tooth of Fury, Soul Spring, Gold of Tears, Primal Axe of Rage and much more. Players can obtain any one of the high-level weapons listed above. The new server is not included in this event and will have other arrangements.

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