Tales of Pirates: Novice Leveling-up Contest

With the Tales of Pirate’s 1 year birthday approaching (March 15th), the Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) team will be holding a fantastic Novice Leveling-up contest in game with big rewards, including the long rumored and much sought Kylin Armor and Black Dragon Torso among others. In addition, there will be some lucky awards for players who aren’t lucky enough to find these powerful equipments.

Contest details:
Time: From Mar 10th to Mar 26th EST (GMT-5)
Place: All severs
1st Place: Kylin Armor (1 player) Be the envy of every pirate from here to the West Indies.
Kylin Armor is the most powerful equipment in Tales of Pirates. It can be equipped by level 10 newbie!

2nd Place: Black Dragon Troso (2 players) The famously sleek styling will have you standing out in a crowd.

3rd Place: Chest of Enigma (6 players)

Encouragement Award: Chest of Demonic World (11 players)

Lucky Award: Mysterious Pet Egg (30 players)

For more about it, please visit here: http://top.igg.com/atc/anniversary/contest.html.

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